Gone Posh

Simon Ridley
Tue 3 Jun 2014 11:54
LAT 38.39 N LON 27.13 W

So! Here we are in the Azores! I think it was five days of solid good wind, sailing straight as an arrow and an escort of dolphins and whales that brought us here a few days ago. And since then, as Simon put it:

"I´m sort of ruining your image as impoverished backpackers aren´t I?"

He said this as we sat aboard Gertha last night eating pizza, pasta and garlic bread and drinking fancy red wine from fancy wine glasses (incidentally, we had won the wine as part of our prize for coming second in class, once again ((and this despite the 2.5 days of diversion, so we were very happy indeed)) (((aaaaand, we also won a cheese board!!)))).

"So how are you going to paint this one up as an adventure?" He continued.

Easy! For Emma and I this IS a huge adventure. Perhaps now we could be considered fairly experienced travellers (www.uncertaintiesblog.wordpress.com), but only over land. We managed to hitchhike the length of South America twice without money, but the whole way down and back up we had in the back of our minds this idea of crossing the Atlantic without wings. Who, though, would be stupid enough to have on board two completely inexperienced sailors?

Simon, apparently, is stupid enough.

And we are having a grand old time! Our day sail from Faial to Terceira provides a particularly good example:

Flat calm water (which unfortunately meant a lot of motoring...in fact we used more in the first hour of that crossing than we did in the whole of the rest of the Atlantic crossing), beautiful weather and visits from four different groups of whales. We managed to get the sails up twice, which was good practice for Emma and I, and we even came off okay with a short company sail alongside the magnificent Malisi.

Thoughts now are turning toward the final island hop before we head north toward what up until now have been the distant shores of old Albion. Emma and I are very much excited. It's been a good chunk of time since we stepped foot on home soil, and we've been promised a special meal upon arrival :)

Sorry for the lack of updates, we've been too busy pottering around UNESCO World Heritage sites and dropping fine cheeses into our mouths from posh heights.

And soon, enter Mattie....our new crew member. How exciting!

Until then,