Return home

Sun 3 Jan 2010 06:44
59:16.0S 10:25.0E

Here we are back in Tonsberg. Leaving the airport at Oslo was, a little shock. Clear skies, about a meter of snow on the ground, and the air temp of MINUS 15 DEGREES!!!!!!! They would not let me back on to the plane!!

A quick change out of shorts, flip flops and into heavy boots, gloves, hats and various other survival equipment, out to load up the truck and off we go. Well, Amanda and I manage to leave the airport safely. Ina and simon managed to blow all the fuses in the borrowed car by turning on all the heating elements, seat heaters, fans etc. so they had to stop at the first gas station to scrape the ice off the inside of the window!!

Amanda and I arrived safely atthe hotel to be greated, very enthusiastically by Friends waiting patiently for us, Ina rocked up about half an hour later having dropped Simon off with his friends.

I will be uploading the last of our pictures very soon, but first we have to go and move in, and pick up our new puppy!