N/N 20th

Mon 20 Apr 2009 21:11
07:32.0S  116:42.0W
Wind is steady from SE now, we seem to have more that everybody else, 20 kts. That is pushing us along at a nice speed under plain sail, but it is a little wobbly at times. I had the night watch last night, and Simon woke at 0630 to take over for me. I lay down in the cockpit, where the kids sleep everynight and fell asleep. Once Ina appeared she moved me down to the cabin, where I had a great sleep until 1130! I surfaced to find bothchildrenhard at work doing their homework, driven by their favorite Mum!
I must say that Ina is great, no surprises to some there. She seems to be enjoying this leg more than the atlantic much more. Her day is a busy one. She generally takes over from me on watch at about 0700. From there on it is breakfast for the three of them, ( I am asleep) then homework, lunch, by which time I am usually up and about. She usually has a sleep in the afternoon, and then it is dinner time. She finishes the day off by taking the watch until 2400, when I am back on again. Long days with lots of work, especially when the boat is not steady to work on!