Southport to Broken Bay

Mon 30 Nov 2009 20:56
22:28.0S 153:40.0E

0700 sharp, anchor aweigh, and off out we go. Not much of a swell out
there, but the departure from Southport is quite bumpy, the harbour
mouth opens directly towards the prevailing swell!

All sails up, and with the wind fine on the bow, 60* off we managed to
maintain a pleasant 6.5 kts whilst heading south. Sailing along about
5 miles off the coast, looking at the long beaches they have here, we
are making our way south, gradually the wind drew towards the bow,
meaning that by 2000 the jib had to come down, and on came the motor.
No fish caught, but loads of Dolphins playing on the bow, a fun day.
By the time I come back on watch at 0100 the wind has died completely
and we still have not found the south going current, so I head
offshore a little more.

Just in time, because the wind gradually builds, up to 12 kts on the
nose, but due to the current we manage to keep a steady 5.2 kts.
Vagabond Heart is heading home, and they have their big motor on, and
are making a steady 6 kts and leaving us behind.