Mooloolba 26:40.58S 153:07.70E

Sat 14 Nov 2009 21:17
0340 is an early start, but we have to cross the bar at high tide, and
that is at 0445. Getting out of Pelican bay on a nearly full tide is
much easier than going in! Lucey Blue led the pack out and over the
bar, not much trouble there, but it could get very nasty with the wind
up. The breeze was right on the nose until we cleared the first
headland the sails were up and off we went. The clean bottom really
does make a difference, and we made a steady 6 or 7 kts down to
Mooloolaba. A very fun sail, for me at least, the crew all had a
relaxing day in their bunks until midday!!

We beat Pegasus into Mooloolaba, by about 45 mins!! 8) tried to put
down an anchor, but couldnt get it to stick, so we ended up parked in
the marina. There is a park just across the road from here, with free
electrical BBQ's, and a great beach as well.