Thu 23 Jul 2009 19:21
16:42.724S  151:02.337W
Got in her yesterday morning after a great night sail. Left Moorea with 20kts of breeze, as it was night we had one reef in. A bit rolly, but a steady 7.5 kts. The wind would pick up to about 25kts in the rain, then drop away altogether. about 0200 it went down to 10kts so I shook the reef out, and left Ina to find some more wind. This she did, and we were soon flying again in 20kts. The sea was a little short and lumpy on the aproach to the island, but flattened out wonderfully once past the reef. In through the southern pass, and along the inside of the reef to a great little anchorage, about 50 mtrs off a sandy beach with 1.5 mtrs onder the keel. Watching the anchor hit bottom,and then have Simon dive on it to check is fun.
Amanda managed to swim down tothe bottom, and come up with a handfull of sand as proof!
Amanda & Ina are now ashorre, A is riding her bike about, and Ina is, hopefully, jogging. Simon and I are going to cut the grass, the UK antifouling we had put on does not seem to do much other than encourage growth!