N/N 19th August

Thu 20 Aug 2009 12:57
14:40.0S 168:07.0W
A little less than 60 nm to go until we have sailed halfway round the world! Amanda is planning a series of parties, 1/2 way to Pago Pago, 1/2 way round, 2 digit party (less than 100nm to go) unfortunately Ina is still suffering from her seeasickness so the party has had to be postponed.
Other than that nothing changes, all involved in sail changes today, I think we have had everything up today to try to get in during daylight. Simon`s been calling the shots regarding his sail, the Sigma kite, currently have the main and jib out, making a steady 6 kts with the wind just off the stbd quarter, it has now started to blow fron the NNE!