N/N 23rd April

Thu 23 Apr 2009 22:29
08:22S  124:02W   
WInd has swung round to the south for a while, so speed is up to 8.5 kts, but it is still bumpy! Only 7 days to go. We have enjoyed this crossing, more than the Atlantic, not sure why, but this constant corkscrewing is starting to wear a little thin!
Kids are happy, they found my stash of old donald duck magazines I had bought for this leg, so they are reading them, Ina is asleep, and I have just finished washing the clothes. Had to put that in to show just how hard I work!!
Now I have to sit and watch the water bottles fill up so that my family can have pure water to drink. We heard from Cat Mousses yesterday, they are due to arrive in Easter Island today, hope they manage to get ashore! Then they are off to Pitcairn, Gambier Islands, and supposed to be meeting us in the Marquessas, arriving there just after I get back from Norway. Amanda asks me daily when we will see tham next!!