29 th May. At anchor Nuku HIva

Tue 2 Jun 2009 13:43
Well, Bailey made it back from Norway,and I was met by three smiling faces at the airport! Very welcome sight indeed.The next day was spent catching up on sleep, and meeting some of the people that the family have befriended, most importantly Laurant, I guess that's not spelt correctly, and his lady Latice (bet that's not right either!) they, according to Simon & Amanda run the best resaraunt in the world. It is actually a bus/van which has been converted and they drive it down to the point just off where Lucey Blue was anchored. Ina, (and the rest of us, but certainly Ina) is a big fan of their roasted chickens, and Simon & Amanda can make one of their cheeseburgers disapear in 2.9 seconds. 
However I fell the apeal may be the fact that the owner of the restaraunt helps the customers find shells on the beach just in front of the parking spot, and has an iPhone with loads of very cool games! They seem to have spent many happy hours there chatting to Laurant. When I can find it I will post the address to his site, is has some great pictures of the canoe racr that took place last saturday.
We walked out to the end of the point, fantastic views oveer the ocean, and decided that we would try to get down to Fatu Hiva to meet those Cat Mousses.