17:35.973S 177:26.475E

Thu 17 Sep 2009 07:50
We arrived in Fiji last night, so came through the reef and set the anchor down. A very pleasant sail it was, the lagoon is pretty wide at the entrance, and we were making 7.2 kts in flat water, a nice change from all the motoring we had to do previously! Quite a trip it`s been, fun sail, 35+kts, and dead flat calm.
This morning we motored up to Lautoka to clear in, rain so hweavy the vis was down to about 200 mtrs, it has stayed that way all day, something of a bind really. As soon as I put the anchor down, I took the dinghy ashore with Bill from VH to clear in. that was at 1230, we came back to the boat, having walked all over town in the rain, at 1620, still not finished, we have to go back in to see the quaranteen officer in the morning.
It turns out that they have been busy aboard LB, the anchor started to drag alamost as soon as I left, and Ina, Simon and Amanda, along with a range of friends from other boats have reset the anchor no less than 5 times. We dragged again once I got back, so I had another unsuccessful go, and then Chas from All the Colours suggested that we pick up a bouy.
We are sitting on the bouy now, and hope it holds for the night. The forecast is for more wind and rain, so we think we might try to find the  local marina to try and get out of the rain!