light winds

Thu 6 Aug 2009 12:23
13:51S 160:38W
Simon & I have hoisted every combination of sails that we have aboard today, at least twice. The wind gets up to about 9kts, and I get all excited, and decide we must sail, so up goes the main, and out with the jib. She sails really well, once there is wind, so off with the engine, father & son are happy, we are making about half the wind speed,  then in about ten minutes the wind drops again to 2 kts, son  looks at father and says " we really can`t sail at 1 kt!" so in it all comes again, until the next time father pursuades son, (or does it all alone!)
So we are motoring again now, as the sun went down, so did the wind. Hopefully we will be in late tomorrow. I spoke to Bill on VH this afternoon, and he has offfered to come out in the dinghy to guide us in if we arrive after dark. THe moon is full, so it should be ok to go in. We shall see!