Getting closer to leaving.

Mon 23 Jun 2008 14:59
We have been working on LB now for a few weeks, and almost everything is ready. Ina and the kids are packing up their kit, and I am in Hammerfest relaxing. The plan is for me to return from HFT on 3 July, pack up the boat on the 4th, and leave for Hamble on the 5th.

Depending upon the wind forecast, we will either go direct (unlikely given prevailing winds), or sail down, and go through the Kiel Canal, in order to get a better angle on the approach to the UK, and to make the trip a little more enjoyable for all.

Our Iridium phone should be waiting for us in Hamble, so until then, and quite possibly for a while after, we will be sending mails via my mobile phone. Something I have yet to achieve!! Here's hoping!