Leaving Mooloolaba

Mon 30 Nov 2009 20:56
27:56.75S 153:25.3E
Sat we had a visit from old friends of ours who unexpectedly stayed
overnight, great fun for all of us, and we even had breakfast out!
Kite flying on both Friday and Sat.

Up early, well as early as usual, check the weather, and we are off
and away from the dock by 0600, Amanda driving the boat, and Ina
letting the lines go. The swell/short sea outside the harbour mouth
had not gotten up yet, so it was a nice easy departure, quick check in
with VMR Mooloolaba (Volunteer Marine Rescue) who maintain a watch on
all the boats moving up and down the coast.

With the wind in the East we hoist the main and jib, and head south
for Southport. The weather forecaster can't seem to make up his mind
if the wind will go into the south over the next few days, so we
decided to play it safe. As forecast the wind came round to the NE,
and the spinaker went up. Actually due to the changing wind/course the
kids informed me that the spinaker went up and down 4 or 5 times
during the day. whatever we managed to average 8 kts over the 92 nm.
We decided that Lucey Blue obviously likes being in Australia!

Into anchor, managed to find the Vagabonds, and whilst both sensible
Skippers went to bed early, the children and wives had chats and plays
aboard LB. 0700 start planed for the morning.