Dinner in Aruba

Fri 27 Feb 2009 22:08
So here is the story;

Ina is feeling a little better, I am of course being a hero and cooking dinner for us all, so I decided to invite CM. Dani offered to cook a cake for desert. The tribe all turned up, with Dani carrying the cake. Five people manage to cross the gang plank (which has been in pace for three weeks!)  safely. There was a scream, and our cake disapeared, along with Dani, shortly a hand reappeared, still holding the cake! Quick change of clothes, and dinner was on again.  Cake was dried off, and tasted great!! 

The submarine cake!

First sitting of dinner


Thomas dressed to shop in Aruba


Conch bashing, sorry tenderising with a handy 2x6 plank


Dress, formal for dinner


One working, one supervising