1100 30 April.

Fri 1 May 2009 01:24
09:47.651S  139:01.602W
At    ANCHOR!!!!!! in Hiva Oa.  A very happy Ina is now fast asleep in the cabin, (where she usually is!) After not much wind, behind us, the last 6 hrs was spent beating into 25 kts of wind, over tide, through a rainstorm that covered about 30 miles.
Anyway, we made it in, have had a swim, decided that it is too late to clear in today, so Simon and Amanda have inflated our kayak, and have spent the last couple of hours visiting all the other boats in the anchorage. Getting bored with that they have just returned to LB, as Pirates, demanding gifts of drinks and sweets,so that they can have a picnic on the beach. Wwe are off ashore once we can safely wake the monster, sorry, Ina. Should be about 1600, just in time to wander round the village in the cool. Apparently there is a dancing exibition atthe football ground this evening, boy am I looking forwards to that!
More later