Swimming with WHALES

Sun 23 Aug 2009 04:12
15:44.0S 171:45.0W
As we sat in the cockpit discussing the difficult concept of why we "lose" a day when crossing the dateline going East to West (which is coming up some time tomorrow), I could see some disturbed water just ahead of the boat. WHALES!
We could hear them whistle at us, they breathed at us, showed us their tales, and swam around the boat for a while. HUGE creatures! Pretty fantastic experience.
So we motored on (no wind) and after a few moments, the whales came back to play. This time, Simon and Amanda and I were quick to jump into the water, snorkeling masks and all. The whales came swimming towards us, looked as us for a while, were a bit interested in what the floting rope behind the boat was (our rescue line for when we swim off the boat on passages), slowly and gracefully they moved motionless around us. We could see their faces, shape of their noses and hear them "speaking" to us in very high pitch squeeks!  Truly magical!