At Anchor

Tue 5 May 2009 03:22
Well we have now checked into French Polynesia, 90 days permit, no Bond payable, all very easy, and friendly. We have found all the food etc that we need, and today Simon and I filled up with Diesel 115Pfr per litre.

We have also organised a trip out to see the Tiki's at the other end of the island, 2 hrs by 4x4, and the same back again, then we are back to the boat, up anchor and over to the nearest islands to join another boat by a beach. Not sure how long we will stay there, but we plan on being in Nuku Hiva by Friday morning. I will have an easy time up there as Simon is going to be sailing as Skipper! All as partof his qualifying for various RYA certificates.

Ina and Amanda are currently sitting in the cockpit sewing the flag for the "Black Pearl", our inflateable Kayak. They have taken to paddling round the anchorage to chat to the new arrivals, and then demand cookies!! The uniform is rather smart, and the Flag is a true work of art!

I think the white wine has cooled down enough now, so I am off for a glass!