118cm Dorado

Wed 1 Apr 2009 07:50
00:58.5n  88:03.0w
Can`t believe that we cannot find the fish weighing equipment, but at least we know it was 118 cms long, a beautiful Dorado, in green. It was caught on the rod, which was being kept in a plastic rod holder. We heard the reel start to click as the line went out, and by the trip I got to the rod, all the line was out, the rod holder broken , and the only thing holding the rod aboard was the security line Simon has tied on. It must have taken 15 mins to get on board, Ina finally landing it with the gaff we bought in Las Palmas, and have not used until now!
Ina is getting very good at filletting the fish, so we had fresh fish for dinner tonight, and more in the fridge for the morning.
Other than that, little to report, almost dead flatcalm at the moment, with a northerly setting current at 1.4 kts, so as we are heading SW that is slowing us down a little. ETA sometime on the 2nd april. Amanda is hopping up and down to see Cat mousess again.
Long swim today, the water temp was colder than yesterday, I guess tat is a sign we are closing with the islands. Starting to get very excited, the turtles are the most looked forward to, followed by penguins, sealions, seals, water iguanas, well, you get the picture!
That`s all for now.