Fri 25 Sep 2009 20:05
Sitting in Musket cove, we have been trying to upload some picture to the net, and just generally send them to people, but my mac account is just not playing, so you will all have to wait, perhaps from New Cal.

We arrived in Fiji n torrential rain, and Bill from VH and I spent a very wet day wandering round the offices to get into the country. Very helpful and friendly officials, but a lot of paperwork to fill in, using carbon paper! whilst I was ashore the anchor dragged, and some very helpful chaps came aboard to help Ina and the kids, (thanks Chas from All the Colours) they set the anchor five times, and when I got back we had to set it again! Very busy anchorage, we were not the only boat dragging, there were at least three other boats! In the end I got fed up, and picked up a big mooring bouy meant for one of the tugs in the area. That worked just fine and we had a decent night. Waking up in the morning we found the boat covered in soot from the local sugar cane processing plants! 

Vagabond Heart and us decided to sneak out from there as fast as possible, so we nipped over to Musket cove, the last bit was pretty rough with wind over tide making for a very steep short chop that was pretty uncomfortable motoring into.

No bouys available, and not too much space to set an anchor unless you felt like putting it down in 20+mtrs of water. Not something I like doing in coraly water. So we snuck into the marina. Not question, drop the hook and back up to the dock, calm and sunny, and only 39 local dollars. Easy call. VH then came in alongside us.

We spent a couple of days here with VH, playing on the beach and in the pool. Then back to Vuda point to do some shopping in the market.

Since then we have