N/N 17th

Sat 18 Apr 2009 11:07
07:07.823S  109:40.779W
Well, still going west, wind holding up, and no rain today. Been palying with sails most of the day as the wind shifts and drops. Never seem to have the right ones! The head sail is a joke, (not a very funny one) we could really do with a big genoa for this bit, or a sinaker that fits. Sigma 38 kites are not quite big enough to do anything for a 42 cat!
Oh well, we are still making 5+ kts,so I shouldn`t complain, just wish it was more, always!
Amanda and Simon have been hard at school today, lots of maths. They seem to be getting very goood at dividing by 5, (always working out how long it is going to take us to arrive!) Simon and I have been palying many games of backgammon, in between hauling sails up and down. He has become a very helpfull and competant mate/foredeck hand! I think he cheats at backgammon though, that must be the reason he wins so many games!
Ina decided to do some washing today, getting ready for tomorrows halfway party. All the clothes and buckets etc disapear up onto the foredeck. Next time I look forwards to check on her, she is laid out stark naked on the trampoline, next to the washing. When asked if all was well she replied, " yes, it jsut needs to soak for a while" cheers up laundry day for some of us!
Still no fishing, kids have said they will decide when to start again, both very busy with our leatherwork today, something to do with 10 may. More of that later!