Dec 18 Arrival Antigua

Mon 22 Dec 2008 22:34
17:00.00N 61:46.28W

So here we are motor sailing up to Antigua. Having to motorsail because of the light winds heading us. So all the way across the pond we have caught a total of 4 fish, not including all the flying fish we have thrown back!

Once we arrived in St Lucia, Eric and Simon bought a bunch of new hooks and kit. Vegard and I had spoken to Rene on Cat mousses, (who has been throwing fish back because they are too small!) he very kindly gave us the lure that he had caught most fish on.

So there was a little competition on between the pros,(Eric & Simon) and Vegard & I. Anyway, in the last hour before arriving, they! got a strike, and pulled in a two foot baracuda, Once it was on board it was decided that we would not eat it, so the lure was thrown out again, and lo and behold, they get a meter long dorado!! Personally I am sure there was some cheating going on, but I just can't figure out how!

Anyone, fish were cleaned, eaten, as sushi, kids very keen on that! and the sails taken down, and we motored into English Harbour. I never really expected to be sailing my own boat into there, with my family aboard!

Quick trip round, some fuel on, and the boat scrubbed clean, and we moved round to Falmouth harbour. Once the anchor went down all were swimming again.