Still sailing

Sun 29 Mar 2009 07:11
4:38N 82:58W
Still plodding along, not a lot of wind out here, but managing to average about 4.5 kts, have not seen more than 11 kts of wind so far, and it goes round the compass all the time!
No fish today, but Ina did bake us a fruit cake, so all is not lost. In fact I think I will go and have a piece now, whilst all are asleep. These updates are usually written at about 0300 when I am on watch. To get to the computer I have to climb over the cockpit, which is littered with sleeping children. Neithe SImon nor Amanda like to sleep inside when we are sailing, they prefer to lie in the cockpit, where they csn see the stars all night. This means that the deck is entirely covered with arms and legs, that thrash abotut, usually just as I am about to step across to change the trim of a sail!
Got six knots showing on the speedo now, with 9 kts of breeze, better go out and check on the sails!