Fri 18 Sep 2009 19:45
All ashore yesterday for some shopping. Great big market with all sorts of veggies available, we hooked up with Kate & Johhny, who we have not seen since Nuku Hiva, and had lunch in town.
On our arrival back at the boat both our kids and VH decended upon All the colours, another kids boat with three kids aboard, who had been having problems with their Nintendo. Debs & Bill came over from VH for a cup of tea, and we sat and felt sorry for the adults aboard ATC, a beneteau 43, with 8 kids aboard, so we invited them over to join us for a cup of tea.
About ten minutes later all three dinghies exploded out from their boat, filled with kids! Full scale invasion. So the rest of the evening was spent with six adults chatting in the cockpit, and 8 kids sitting (more or less) in the saloon, playing DS, drawing (the 3 girls). A very pleasant evening, the temp came up, as the sun came out at about 1500, and then it stayed warm as the sun went down, with clear skies, and no rain. Very welcome. 
Loads oof ash all over the boat again today.