13:32.00n 66:20.00w

Wed 21 Jan 2009 04:45
Still plodding along. Not much wind here, where I was expecting a decent blow! Just managing to maintain 5 kts. Lovely weather though. Kids were doing school work with Ina when I woke up this morning, then they moved onto muffin making, and leatherwork.
Amanda found out it is her 1/2 year birthday, and we are 1/2 way to Aruba, that means PARTY! so we had a quick halfway party, with fresh muffins, followed by a quick swim. Then onto the leatherwork, Simon has made a new sheath for one of his knifes, and Amanda has made a bracelet.
Just as Ina was cooking up some risoto for us, simon put out the fishing line, and had an instant strike. We managed to land a 96cm Dorado, Quite the brightest blue colour, until we got him on board. Fresh sushi for the rest of the crew, I enjoyed the risoto!