Change of anchorage

Sat 20 Jun 2009 05:57
Night before last we had a girls sleep over on the trampoline, 3 girls lying out there chatting all night! well they did fall asleep at about midnight.
The day starts with a drift snorkel through the pass on the rising tide, this means swimming with sharks, manta rays, thousands of fish, and some spectacular coral. At the end of the pass there is a little dive resort, where they have half a dozen small sharks
hanging about waiting for the scraps from the restaraunt.The rest of the day is spent with the kids doing homwork, then playing on the various boats, although mostly LB it seems, I guess we have more space to run about on. Simon is out wake boarding with edward and Will from Vagabond Heart, and Amanda, Cathrine and Alice are engaged in some serious needlework, amongst many other projects.
Last night everyone from Vagabond Heart, Pegasus and LB had dinner ashore at the bar, set out on stilts over the water. Spectacular sunset, then as we are all sitting chatting one hears the fish jumping, and you can watch the sharks feeding about ten feet away! Adds some interest to the dingy ride home!!
This morning we picked up the anchor, in 12 mtrs of water you can see the anchor clear on the bottom, managed to avoid all the coral outcrops, and then travelled about 12 nm north through the lagoon to a new anchorage. Making water, charging batteries and doing homework on the way. A little bit of routine maintenance, then fun and games on the beach and in the water. Another try at kite surfing for me, as usual, as soon as I get the kites out the wind drops! Managed to tear my new 14 mtr kite on some of the coral heads near the beach, they certainly add a dimension of difficulty that is not mentioned in the books!
Sun is down now, the girls are on the fordeck again, making up songs for us, and watching the shooting stars, and Simon is beating Ina at backgammon, again.