16:26.6S 147:33.0W

Sat 4 Jul 2009 11:49
Wind directly astern this morning, so Simon and I spent the morning trying to get us going, finally the wind veered, and we are now making a nice 5.5kts in 13kts of breeze, (we still have our big props on, they must take at least 1.5kts off our speed!) Great sailing, clear skies, sea is dropping. Very pleasant.
We now have to listen to our children quote large sections of Monty Python, thank you Vagabond Heart kids, where they sat and watched the Holy Grail!
Looking forwards to arriving in Tahiti sometime tomorrow afternoon, plan on a busy day doing laundry etc. then into town to find out what is happening, Amanda is keen on seeing the dancing, I suspect Simon is more interested in the spear throwing, and coconut tree climbing competitions. Shall also try to send off some pictures.