Friday June 12

Fri 12 Jun 2009 22:07
At anchor Makemo Tuamutos.
Well we have been in the lagoon for the last few days,. Vagabond Heart & Imgine are also here, so that means there are herds of children running about from boat to boat. We did have a plan to camp out under the palm trees and stars (Amanda, Cathrine, Alice & Caroline, and of course papa) all was ready, the the heavens opened, and stayed that way for several days. There have been sleep overs instead, so no one has minded too much I feel!
I have managed to find a weak internet connnection, so perhaps I will be able to upload a few pictures from the last few weeks.I found out today that the ladies and gentlemen at Norsk Helikopter have been very helpfull, and have managed to work out a way for me to stay aboard Lucey Blue for the rest of the trip, so a very big thank you to everyone involved in organising that for me! Amazingly, Ina and the Children seem quite pleased with the idea!
We have a short snorkelling trip planned this afternoon, out to a shallow bank where there are hundreds of different types of fish and coral. There is a great bakery here,so fresh french bread evrey day, (if you get there before they run out!). The shop here has a reasonable selection of goods.
At night we can here the locals drumming, in practice for the 14th July celebrations. Tonight I hope to be able to sneak ashore to watch the dancers, and then search along the reef for some shells.
Off now to sort out some pictures!