Noon 8 th

Mon 8 Dec 2008 12:27
14:46.00n 045:30.00w
Code 0 up till about 0200, making 7 kts in 9 kts true, on the beam, not too shabby for a cruising cat! Not sure what the sail will take, so we took it down and replaced it with the kite, wind was up to 15 kts, so we are still making a steady 7 kts directly on course! 898 nm to go at 1200UTC.
Fantastic dawn this morning, followed by breakfast with everyone up in the cockpit.
Simon is still sleeping out in the cockpit, and Mandy has staked out her place under the saloon table where she can see the stars throughout the night. It does make walking about rather hazardous for the watch keepers, but it is fun to watch them wake up every morning.