N/N 22nd April

Thu 23 Apr 2009 02:21
08:06.0S  121:17.2W
!000nm to go!!, well there will be in 1 hr!. To celebrate we, (rather Ina) cooked us another splendid fruit cake, very well recieved!
There has been quite a lot of cloud cover today, keeps it pleasantly cool, wind has been up to 30+kts, which has kicked up an unpleasant sea, Ina is having a hard time cooking dinner in the galley as I write this. Kids are doing all the cutting up in the cockpit.
The wind is now dropping a little, or so it seems, so I will have to shake a reef out soon, still managing 5.5 kts on course for Nuku Oa.
That`s about it for now, yet another pleasant and relaxing day is nearing its close!!