N/N 26th April

Mon 27 Apr 2009 08:44
9:10.0S  130:51.0W
Nearly down to the latitude of Hiva Oa, we are heading south of the direct course because the wind is now from the east, and that means that I need to run just where the boat does not really like it, so if we head south a little, I can put up the spinaker, and run goose wing with the mainsail. 
Simon and Amanda have calculated that we need to make 5.2 kts to arrive at dawn so we can see the island, rather than me try to get in in the dark.
Ina says she is now counting the minutes, we broke the last of the fresh eggs yesterday as the boat jumped about a bit, most of the rest of the fresh food has gone as well, kids are happy though, they spent most of today making birthday cards and presents for Ina.
Well Simon and I spent a lotof the day changing sails to try and find the best combination. One or two reefs in the main actually let us go faster because some of the wind reaches the kite.
It is about 2300 as I write this, and there is a clear sky, witha fantastic array of stars, we began this leg with a full moon, and now it is completely gone, but still very bright out with all the stars.
Amanda & Ina have been dacing about the boat today to Maddona, at full blast!