Left Suwarrovv

Mon 17 Aug 2009 22:05
14:04.0S 164:51.0W
We left Suwarrov yesterday at about 1300, a very tearfull departure. Simon has struck up a very strong friendship with the boys ashore, and Johnn & Veronica had let him sleep ashore almost every night we were there. Amanda had a great time learning weaving from Veronica, and Ina & I just enjoyed ourselves very much.
Heading southwest from the island, we had seas and wind on the beam, and a great sail, for a while, now the wind has swung, believe it or not, directly astern of us, again!! We have our Sigma 38 kite up, and that is all, not very much sail to move us, but we are plodding along at 5 kts, comfortably. Wish I had fixed the big A sym kite!
Oh well, te weather looks as if it is going to keep me busy sail changing over the next few days, there is even talk of wind from the NW. Doubtless we will find out. Hoping to arrive in Tonga on Sat pm.