Shortly leaving Las Palmas

Tue 18 Nov 2008 06:57
Hi to everyone, doubtless regular readers will have noticed a lack on entries over the last few weeks. LB has been in Las Palmas, with Ina, Simon & Amanda aboard getting her ready, whilst I relax in the snowy dark wastes of Hammerfest. Due to the lack of facilities in LP Ina has been unable to add anything to this diary. Hopefully our sat phone has just arrived in LP, (thanks Cat) so this should meant that we can update at least the text whilst at sea. 

Once again, we should be able to receive text only emails at our mailasail address (can't write it here in case it gets picked up by a spammer). The three of them have done a great job getting the boat ready, we passed the rig check, and even got through the ARC "safety check", of course I have yet to have a chat with the organisers, they have not replied to my emails!

The parties are in full flow, Eric Heiberg a new crewmember has already arrived, Vegard and I arrive on thursday, if I can get out of Hammerfest in time, snowing rather hard at the moment, and forecast to continue! 

I can't think of anything else to write, I shall be busy with some small items once I get down there, but hopefully Ina will get a chance to send in a quick note.