Little wind, wrong direction!

Tue 31 Mar 2009 08:46
1:10.00n 87:00w
Well we are getting closer, but, the wind is a steady 13 kts, right where we want to go. Oh well, we`ll get there anyway.Still no fish, and a lot less logs, we were found this afterftnoon by a couple of seagulls, and they have stayed with us in the hope of some scraps.
We have seen a lot of plastic in the water, very sad that people just through it away. Less trees now though. I still have not seen a turtle.A busy day at school today for Simon and Amanda, I have been playing with the toilet again, hopefully just routine maintenance. I don`t have a spare pump!!
It looks as if we should get in sometime on the 2nd of April, depending upon the wind!!