Change of plans

Sat 7 Feb 2009 20:17
Well, some good news, and then some not so good news.
The good news is that after a short stay in hospital Simon and Amanda have been released, they and Ina manged to get bitten by a mosquito carrying the Dengue virus. The kids seem to have shaken it off fairly well, Ina is still suffering.
Now for the not so good news. After much discussion, and investigating, it apears that most of the Pacific is covered by mosquitoes carrying this virus. A second infection, if untreated, because one is sailing from one island to another, could have some nasty results This combined with the fact that Ina will be on her own quite a lot, whilst I return home to work, means that we have had to make the decision NOT to go into the pacific. We will instead go to panama, then turn around and head back into the carribbean, and then up the east coast of the states, and try to sell the boat when it gets to Newport.
Needless to say the atmosphere on board is not very happy right now. I for one am particularly saddened by this.
That's all for now.