Not N/N 22 nd

Mon 24 Aug 2009 14:00
17:05.0S 172:34.0W  This is not our noon position, I was asleep then, and my crew were too busy (doing what I know not!) to make a note of the noon position. Oh for the days of keelhauling!
Anyway, we are going slowly, the wind has picked up to about 12 kts, and swung onto the nose (right in front of us). This is a. very boring, and b. very boring. The wind speed is not quite enough to get us going fast, and the direction means that we have to point away from where we are going, the sea kicked up by the wind means that motoring straight into it is rather irritating, so we have been doing a bit of both.
It is now 0400, and the wind has dropped to 7 kts, so we are motoring again, on course. Unfortunately the speed/distance means that we will arrive off Tonga in the dark. I can get us into the anchorage in the dark, but it means sailing through the big bay where all the whales are in the dark, so I guess that tomorrow night will be spent drifting, waiting for the light, maybe they will get another chance at swimming with the whales!