Kingfisher Bay Resort

Sun 8 Nov 2009 22:32
Here we still are, anchored off the Australian idea of an eco friendly resort, where shall I start? Due to the large tidal range the management has had to build a pier that is entirely constructed from wood, apart from the rock ramp that has been buldozed into place to accomodate the landing craft that brings in the 4x4 trucks to tour the national park. The landing craft helpfully runs back and forth 5 times a day, as does the high speed passenger cat.

Once in the resort there are numerous walks on offer, all laid out by 2 inch thick planking for several kilometers, all four of the fresh water swimming pools have bug zappers mounted around them ( must say they don't seem to affect the horse flies, my count today was a record 23 killed, some of them you have to hit at least three times, or they just get up and walk off!) the plant life surrounding them, one is proudly informed has been removed from other areas of the island, and now requires constant watering. The restaraunts offer a full selection of; kangaroo, Crocodile, and other traditional bush tucker. The crowning glory I feel is the option to rent a 4x4 toyota landcruiser, in which one is instructed to blast across the island, the trick to keep going in soft sand is to keep the engine rpm over 3000!!

Apart from that, it is a very pleasant place, we have seen the biggest turtle of the trip hanging about 10ft behind the boat. The dinghy has two or three fish or squid in it every morning, and the colours were fantastic when we were blasting across the island.

Off to Gary's anchorage in the morning!