In Antigua

Mon 22 Dec 2008 23:05
First full day here, lots of things to sort out, not least getting cleared in, and the three of us signed off the boat. Best way to wake up is a quick dip off the boat! All done ashore by about 1400. Eric & Vegard head off for the rest of the day to St Johns.

I managed to find Flemming, arranged to join him for a beer later.
The rest of us were working hard on board, well there was a lot of swimming, and some lunch.
We did get most of the jobs done, and a lot of swimming as well!

Vegard managed to sort out the alarm system I bought in Las Palmas, so now the kids can sleep on the foredeck, and we get an alarm if they move off the foredeck. Eric put up three of the hammocks for us, so that is where Simon and Mandy slept, very happily!

20 Dec,

Time for Eric, Vegard & I to return to Norway. So it was up early, a quick family swim, just as we came out of the water, Winddancer arrive, as does a dolphin to swim with us! Can't get too much better than this, apart from me having to leave!

Quick cab ride up to VC Bird airport, LONG wait to check in to St Maarten, where they have managed to loose one of my bags! Then a long flight to Paris, where we hiked over most of the city! Got to see that big church thing, Notre Dame. Then that sticky up thing made of bits of metal, Eifel tower. Then a spot of breakfast and back to the airport to hear someone's bags getting blown up, and onto Oslo.

Just your average flight really I guess.