Sat 7 Nov 2009 04:10
24:45.35S 152:29.0E

Sunday night we arrived at the fairway bouy at 1730, so as to avoid having to pay the overtime for the dreaded Customs guys. We wandered up the river and found a spot to drop the anchor on our last ocean crossing of this trip, very mixed feelings aboard.

Monday morning Bundy port marina did a very good job of organising the arriving boats, all of us had to go in turn to the quarantine berth for inspection by the Customs, Imigration, and the infamous AQIS Australian Quarantine Inspection Service. We have heard such horror stories about this event that everyone I have spoken to is wary of arriving in Oz. I have to say that they were all very pleasant to deal with, there were a lot of forms to fill in, but the people were nice, friendly and welcoming. We lost what little fresh produce we had aboard, they check all the shells and bits and bobs we have aboard, and that was that.

Quick move to our proper berth and it was off to party!

At this point I must say that the Port2port Rally is run and organised by Leslie & fred, along with a large number of volunteers. They have done a terrific job!! It was a very well organised and friendly event, loads for the kids to do and the adults as well. I will just run through the events laid on, we of course did not participate in everything, there were people to visit, shops to visit, and a few jobs to be done on the boat, by some of us!

Monday & Tue there were cheap evening meals laid on, since our fresh food had been confiscated, Wed was an official BBQ (we are in Oz after all!) Thursday was a welcome breakfast, a big hit with the kids due to all the bacon! Then curry in the evening, VH and LB adults sent the kids off to eat curry, and settled in for fresh shrimps and white wine aboard Pegasus, a very pleasant evening. of course I was much slower than everyone else in peeling these giant prawns, but I did manage to find one that had me throwing up over the side at 0230 that evening!

Friday was the prwan and beer night, for some reason I decided to give that one a miss. but I hear it was very good.

Sat morning I kicked Ina and the children off the boat at 0600 and headed up the river to dry the boat out for a new coat of much needed bottom paint. The family hung out on Peg & VH, attending the Bilge sale, Dragon boats, Live helicopter rescue, and the Halloween events. I came back down the river at about 2100 unexpected, and found them all in full party mode, having lots of fun.

Sunday was a quiet day, with a winding up dinner for all, and a live band. 

Monday the exodus began, and the marina went very quiet indeed, no longer were there hordes of children roaming the docks, at the high point I think we had 18 kids running about. Hard to tell because they never stood still long enough to count!