N/N 16th April

Fri 17 Apr 2009 07:23
06:37.29 S  107:20.185 W
Still got wind, in fact it is steady at 21 kts, giving us a nice speed of between 6 & 7 kts, but a nasty corkscrewing motion because the wind is at 130 degrees to our heading. So pleased I am not on a mono hull!!. If it would drop a few knots, we could put out our spinaker, the one we ripped on the way across the Atlantic, otherwise we have only the little jib, so not much horsepower there! Shouldn`t really complain about a steady 6 kts, never touching the sheets.
Long school day today, kids filling out there log books, and working out distances traveled so far, up to Galapagos we have done about 6500nm. Simon is all excited because he meets most of the requirements for an RYA Ocean YachtMaster certificate. He just needs some shore based courses, and some time as Captain. So we have agreed that he is to be the Captain on the leg between Hiva Oa and Nuku Hiva.
We are getting near halfway on distance, but I rather hope we have passwed halfway on time, if we can hold this wind. Everyone on board is having fun still, lots of laughing, and a major Backgammon competition going on. Fishing is on hold for a while, people were getting tired of fresh fish!
We are still carrying two reefs in the main, partly to give us an easier ride, and partly to stop the sail rubbing on the shrouds. I threw 19 flying fish and 2 squid over the side today, and for the third night in a row, we have had flying fish in the cockpit. It does keep one awake at night when on watch, the occaisional fish wizzing past ones head!