14:32.56N 61:02.054 W

Mon 19 Jan 2009 05:11
Well, having arrived in Fort de France in Martinique (at 0030), expecting to meet our friends on Cat Mousses they were not there!. There was a VERY loud I hesitate to use the term "band" playing "spanish" music, until about 0200, to a shoreside audience of about ten people!
Anyway having checked the email at 0800, we found out where they were hiding, so we zoomed over to see if we could catch them. We arrived at the anchorage, just as they were leaving, fortunately they satyed arond long enough to pull us off the mud! and take Amanda off for the day.
The rest of motored back over to fill up with food and fuel, Buc managed to put the boat back on the mud again, with the extra of wrapping a rope round the prop as well Managed to fix this, and then the three of us went ashore for a very pleasant meal.
Amanda and the Cat mousses crew toured the island, then went for dinner, and a birthday party for a 90 yr old lady, which they left at 0100!!
Cat mousses left at about 1000, and we pulled out, without going aground! at 1400, having done some needed jobs. We are currently at sea, spinaker up 2 reefs in the main and a following wind. Long may it last!
Headed directly for Aruba, where I have to fly back to Norway for a week!