Sun 7 Dec 2008 06:40
Now I must say this is getting a little boring. Last night, or rather most of yesterday we had a cracking sail, with the spinaker up, directly on course amnd making about 8/10 kts, generally a grreat sail. Then we sort of sailed into a very impressive set of rain storms, great picture material!!.
Now, at 0400, we have the engine on, there is 4 kts of wind, from the west!! It seems every time we have good winds we have to pay for it.
Yesterday evening we had an improptue dance exibition from Mandy, very good it was, followed by an hours searching the skies to find some stars we recognised, through the cloud layer! I think if it is still no wind in the daylight hours, I will have to throw some of th crew over the side for a swim, mid atlantic.
We have had a steady stream of flying fish aboard most nights, last night I even had two in the cockpit. The boat is working well, with only the usual type of problems. No fishing any more, we are out of lures!
Lots of laughing aboard, and fun, but I think folks would like to be making more progress towards St Lucia than the current 3 kts!