Gary's Anchorage 25:38.1S 152:58.50E

Sat 14 Nov 2009 21:15
It's been pointed out that I have not ben keeping this as updated as I
might, so here goes. We managed to negotiate the shallows down to, and
into Gary's anchorage. Which was a pleasant, but not so special
anchorage, ( I guess those pacific anchorages are a hard act to
follow) there was a small beach, but the promised BBQ's had been
removed, so we stayed aboard LB for the evening, Pegasus pulled in a
little while after we did. Both boats looking forwards to a swim, but
the warning about crocs in the area sort of put a damper on that!

Next morning it was up, then wonder what to do!! There is supposed to
be a swimming lake at the anchorage, and one would have thought that
might have been signposted, there were no less than 5 signs, none of
which gave one directions, only informing one of the dangers, and
local laws. Seems to be a lot of both of those in Oz!

Anyway we bravely struck out into the bush, both boat crews. After an
hour of walking aimlessly up and down various promising paths we all
sat down, had a little lunch and then went back to the beach for a
paddle, yes I know crocs, but we all survived. The afternoon was spent
by the mums having a little lie down, whilst the dads constructed a
jungle gym for the kids out of all the spare rope aboard both boats,
wrapped round various trees. Several happy hours were then spent by
all 4 kids swinging, hanging/falling off the ropes.

Having checked out the weather and tides for the next few days it was
decided on an earlyish start the next morning down to Inskip point to
wait for the tide to get out over the bar and down to Mooloolabar.