Back in Nuku Hiva

Sun 31 May 2009 04:41
Well, after many hours in airplanes I am back in Nuku Hiva. I just
have to say, I had the misfortune to fly through LA, with all the
usual paperwork and attitudes that goes with the joy of transiting
that country. On my arrival in Tahiti, at 0300, I walked into the
arrivals hall to find two chaps playing local music on their local
gitars, and be given a flower to place behind my ear by a very
atractive smilling young lady. Whilst in the que to see the passports
chap, another atractive lady walked the que, asked if we needed help
to fill out the forms, and then collected the forms from us. On
reaching the immigration officer my passport was inspected, returned
to me, a handshake given, and wishes passed for a pleasant stay in the

Anyway, Ina and the children were waiting at the airport for me, and
we drove back to the boat together. It has been blowing hard here for
the last couple of days, but it seems to be dropping a little now,
The boat looked splendid, the kids have been polishing her whilst I
was away. Over the last two days I have been meeting some of the many
people they have made friends with here.

This morning ( sat) Amanda & I went ashore at 0500, to see the local
market, I think everyone on the island was there, we bought, the last,
8 croisants, and a few other things, including some fresh veggies. By
0630 the sun was fully up, and all the goods had been sold, and the
parking lot was once again bare!

The four of us had breakfast, and then set off on a spectacular hike
out the the edge of the island, I will upload some more pictures once
we reach a faster/more stable connection. But a fantastic hike/view!

The afternoon was spent with the kids ashore, sorting out the pc, with
the fantastic help of Laurent! many thanks for that!! I fell asleep,
and Ina sorted out the mess I made with all the stuff I brought out!

We are going to try and leave sometime tomorrow, for Fatu Hiva, only
problem there is that the wind is blowing quite hard from exactly the
direction we are heading. It's going to be rough!

More later from us!