Friday Night

Fri 28 Nov 2008 20:30
Well, here we are, 5 days into the trip, 2222 nautical miles to go to St Lucia. We went a little too far south I think, too much looking at the weather forecasts on my part, but now we are heading on course, averaging 8kts, with surfs up to 12.4. The fastest we have gone so far is 15.4 kts on the first afternoon.
Everyone is settling into the routines, a little homework has been done, much reading and sleeping as well! The food is fantastic, and just keeps coming! Simon sleeps out in the cockpit, and Amanda, sorry Mandy in the saloon, where she can see the stars through the open door.
Vegard & Eric are getting on great with the sail handling, making my life much easier. Eric has now lost four of the fancy hooks that he bought, only one left and then we have to use the old stuff aboard. Only managed to land one fish so far, it was turned into sushi, and eaten within 10 mins of leaving the water, a big hit with S& A!
So far no major dramas with the boat, we did loose all the oil out of the stbd engine, for some reason, but it seems to be working ok now, so apart fom fixing both the heads all is ok. Lucey Blue is performing tremendously well, a very comfortable ride, and given the restricitons of her rig, a fast one.
Have had the new code 0 up once, for a couple of hours, but there is now too much wind for that sail, we seem to have reached the trades, winds between 10 & 25 kts, hard to tell exactly, the newly service wind gauge has gone u/s!
Oh well, i am back on watch in 7 hrs, and need to get some beauty sleep, so thats all for me for now!