N/N 1 August

Sun 2 Aug 2009 09:24
15:50.6S 154:09.2W
Wind dead astern, if we are on course. So we are about 20 high of the course, hoping for the predicted wind shift further down the way, When the wind is up, we go very nicely, Simon is proud that he had 8.5kts on his watch, with 1 reef & no headsail, but I fear the wind is forecast to drop. VH is chatting to us on the SSB each day, they have increased their lead on us, the joy of two big roller furling headsails, means one does not have to reef down at night, it is easy just to roll them in as the wind picks up, oh well at least we are not rolling like they are!
Ina however is having a tough time of it at the moment. She usually has a bad first day, then gets into the swing of things, but this time she is still feeling very rough & tired after the second day out. Not fun for her at all, and it means the kids have to put up with my cooking. Although thet did get some of my birthday fruit and nut choclate to make up for the pasta I cooked in sea water that was rather too salty, even for me! 
All asleep now, we have been fighting off a kiwi boat that has been slowly catching us up, I put in a reef so I could sllep without worrrying about squally tonight, and they have snuck past us. Will have to work hard now I an back up to see what I can do. The breeze has swung a little to the north, but has also started to drop.
Kids had a day full of laughter, they willingly got stuck into some school, but not as much, or as efficiently as if Ina had been involved, then there was just playing together all afternoon. So much gigling and plain laughter, plus they are both standing a watch to give me a chance to get some sleep.
Looking forwards to Surravov, and then Tonga afterwards. Hoping for some snady beaches to play on, camp on, and launch my kites from. We shall see!
Little rain squall just went through, kids back sleeping in the cockpit again, but not enough rain to wake them up, boat speed jumped from 5kts to a nice steady 7kts. All we need to perform really well is a little bit of breeze!