Dec 17

Mon 22 Dec 2008 22:19
15:17.32N 61:23.23W

Best day EVER according to some of the crew, we arrived in dominica mid morning, after a night sail up from St Lucia, anchored off in Roseau. As we approached the anchorage a small speed boat came out to meet us, and help us onto a bouy. All the crew went for a great swim, then were taken ashore by one of Sea Cat's boys. Sea Cat then took us into town for me to clear in, whilst the rest of them had lunch. (It's tough being the captain!!)

Sea cat then took us on an excellent guided tour of the southern end of the island. He knows the island very well, and took us to see the hot springs, and the rain forest. All the way along the road he would stop, jump out of the car to pick lemon grass, wild passion fruit, grape fruit etc. He then took us up to Trafalgar Falls, the hot and cold waterfalls.

It is quite a hike, up over the rocks, then into a cold water pool, right under the falls, quite a swim against the current, although we all made it up to the falls, then, (after Sea Cat helped Mandy down) into the warm water pools! What luxury!! Simon and Mandy both had a fantastic time, as we all did! Sea Cat was waiting patiently for us by the truck, on the way back to the boat we took in the sunset over Roseau, and the best climbing tree ever!

Back on Blue, we slipped the anchor in the dark and hoisted the sails, heading north for Antigua. We had another great meal cooked by ina, and continued north. The plan was for me to stand the 2000-2400 watch, however I didn't manage to get too much sleep over the past couple of nights, Eric was not feeling too well, and was going to have the night in,and I needed Vegard to stand the 0000-0400 watch, so Simon stood his first night watch, ALONE.

He did a fantastic job covering for me, and was on watch from 2100-2300, most of the way along the coast of Dominica. He kept us all safe and did a great job. I think he enjoyed the day.

Photos to follow soon.