Still no wind

Sat 28 Mar 2009 06:16
5:41.00n 81:12w
Well, not much to report, no fish, but we did loose Simons new fancy lure from MN to a big fish this afternoon, much to his disapointment, There was a brief clicking of the reel as the fish struck, and when we pulled it it, the wire was bitten through. ery sad as that was a very fine and favorite lure.
Other than that, mirror calm again during the day. we did give in and have a swim today, the water is back up to warm temperatures, it was very cold in the Las Perlas! Almost as cold as Tjome in the summer!
Amanda & I changed the spinaker halyard this morning, during her morning watch, which started at 0600, with a broad smile. So we now have a fancy Dyneema halyard instead of the old stretchy one, oh for a. a fancy spinaker to fly on it, b. some wind to fill it!!
I did see a boat, well rather a ship last nigh, but that is all. I am sitting in the cockpit writing this, and have just watched a single dolphin head over to us, I could see him from about 500 mtrs out, thanks to the phosphoresence in the water, most incredible.