Windy Night

Thu 13 Aug 2009 18:33
Well, 42kts last night, we are tucked in close tot he island on a mooring that was put down by the boat in front of us. Unfortunately two others set by the same boat let go in the night! Much chat on the radio, one other boat dragged. But we stayed put safely. The guys further out into th ebay have had a rough night, the sea is quite high, and even more so further out, and the length of ones anchor chain gets shortened as they get caught round the big lumps of coral on the bottom, which means that there are lots of broken snubbers out there this morning.
We have not heard from Simon this morning, wonder how well he slept, ashore in a palm hut in 40 kts! Ina and Amanda will be going ashore soon, and staying there for most of the day I guess, Amanda has an apointmet to learn how to weave baskets today!
Time for a cup of tea now.