Refuge Bay to Castle Creek

Mon 30 Nov 2009 20:57
33:35.2S 151:13.4E Spent yesterday morning with the Vagabonds, then
after lunch we dropped the bouy and headed further up Cowan Creek to a
little secluded bay called Castle creek, just off Yeomans Bay. We
found a bouy there, and nipped off to the local general store for some
essentials such as bread and milk, also happened to pick up an ice
cream each, and have a chat with the owner Jeff.

Later in the evening Jeff and one of his friends paddled past and had
a chat. We met probably the only other person in Oz who has been to
Hammerfest last year! It is a small world really. Lots of swimming,
and listening to the wildlife ashore.

Ina and Amanda slept out under the stars on the nets, and we had a
lazy morning. About midday we managed to get in touch with Bruce,and
he came out by bike to visit us, swiming and chatting for the
afternoon. Then a quick trip round to the Basin off Pittwater.