Tortoises and logs

Mon 30 Mar 2009 07:35
3:00.00n 85:01.00w
Amanda had to have watch on the foredeck this morning, becasue there were a lot of logs and tree trunks floating in the water. Her job was to point them out, so we could zig zag through. 
Next to one trunk that came down the side of the boat, was a lump that grey and flapping about. First, we thought it was a wounded dolphin, but we soon discovered it was a turtle. He was eating stuff off the tree trunk.
We then had a good look at every trunk that floated by, and many of them had a turtle attatched to it.
They were not at all afraid,  just minding their own business and looking at us with one eye! Quite amazing.
Numerous books are being read, everybody's favorite at the moment is "Molly Moon's Amazing Book about Hypnosis".
Another great long swim this afternoon, great to see the kids diving and jumping in, 300nm from the nearest land, 2000 mtrs underneath us!